Before starting the application, the skin must be free of any products. For this, use the Natural Micellar Water 120 ml.
Step 1
The first step is to place Bruise Cream (scald) on the cheek using a Blue Master Domed Skin Perfecter Brush Small. Work slightly below the eye and towards the temple.
Step 2
Apply Bruise Cream (bile) around the edges and into the center of the abrasion to provide a gradient of bruise coloring. Use a brush so the coloring isn’t too dense and retains a skin-like texture.
Step 3
The darker shade Bruise Cream (plague) is then concentrated in places over the top of the color Bruise Cream (scald). This deepens the impression of the bruising and gives the effects of blood under the skin. Next, the colors Bruise Cream (gore) & Bruise Cream (bile) are loaded onto a Esponja para efectos de poros finos. These are then applied to the center of the bruise simulation. This helps to create an effect that makes the injury look more recent.
Step 4
In this final step, Sangre Fresh Scratch 50 ml (dark) is decanted onto a Paleta para mezclar maquillaje before being applied with a fine brush to create grazing and scratch marks over the already applied Bruise Creams. A Blue Master Dual-Fiber Blending Brush Large is then used to stipple over the application for a more realistic visual impression.

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